Nowruz (literally New Day)

Unesco Intengible Cultural Heritage

Nowruz is the day of the vernal equinox,and marks the beginning of the spring in the Northern Hemisphere.It occurs on 21 March,the moment the sun crosses the celestial equator and equalizes night and day.

It was first celebrated by Persians 15.000 years ago. After a very hard winter (which was really really important on those days) spring is the new start of life,blessings and fruitfulness.


In Turkish Culture , Nevruz  symbolizes the spring and with spring it is believed that Turks were saved when the snow on Ergenekon Montain melted away.Not only in Turkey ,but all around the nations that have Turkish Ethnic Backgroung.

Also the Ottoman Empire used to celebrate the day in Manisa,in Mesir Macunu (a kind of sweet paste which is consumed as a pharmaceutical medicine)Celebrations in history.

To celebrate Nevruz,Turks try to break eggs ,whose egg doesn’t break is the winner. We beat iron.We jump over fire.We make different competitions.Those all refer to the things believed to have been done to melt the Ergenekon Mountain.


If you are  interested you can read my following text which will be about Ergenekon Epic.






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