Most embarassing time of my life

I was in my early thirties,and it was my first holiday with my girl friends (believe it or not)…Since I was married before that.

A very nice and happy night out,we danced and sang at a great place with the great sea wiew..There was a guy who I danced nearly all night and said goodbye.He was a great dancer ..

We headed to our hotel with my friend and decided to sit and have a chat aroud the swimming pool before we go to our room.

Just before that we decided to visit the ladies room near the pool and there we started laughing and talking ..Me,myself and I cried out loud’How about the guy.? I am really attracted.Wasn’t he great?Hope we can meet again.’

And in a second a door opened and he was inside the place all that time,heard all the things we had been talking ..

We were in the wrong place..It was for men not for ladies..

I remember whispering ‘ohh…not now..’


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