Single Parents’ Kids

Not all divorcee’s children are  problematic!!!

People go on saying so,but I don't agree.As a teacher I keep hearing 
those kinds of things from my colleques,too.

Any kid can be stressed or unsuccessful,but if he/she has divorced 
parents,they are labelled as problematic.

I am a single mum of two,my son is 19 and my daughter is 5.I am not sure
what I will go through with my daughter yet,but I can tell you that 
my son, whose father I divorced when he was 8 ,and who is nearly a 
grown up now. He was neither unsuccessful nor problematic.

He is an introvert and mostly shy,but this is the way he likes living I 
think.He is a successful university students with great hobbies,
he is a real book-worm,he is in love with basketball,he has a good taste
in music,he is interested in philosophy and politics,
he doesn't have lots of friends cause he prefers quality versus quantity.

For sure,divorcee's children can have tough times.They also can be 
unsuccessful,can cause problems and can have problems as all the other
teenagers and kids can have.

Parents behaviour while and after the divorce is really important

During the divorce if parents fight each other,if they don't put the kids
needs first, and I know this is easy said than done,it will get harder 
for the kids.

Kids should be sure that their parents won't leave them ,NO WAY,only 
their parents will live in different houses and they should spend time 
with  each parent as much as possible.

In my point of view,instead of living in an unhappy home with unhappy 
parents,living with a happier parent and seeing the other happier parent
whenever they like ,is a better way of living for kids and the parents.

Of course we, grown-ups can make mistakes ,too. Since we try to correct our
mistakes,apologize from the kids when we are wrong,learn to talk to them,
and gain their trust for the family's happiness and well-being ;we can 
help them through those difficult times.

A happy home and happy parents are the best things we can give to our
kids, I think. If we can't provide a happy home with both happy parents
in it,
we can at least provide two happy homes with two parents living apart but
happily and positively.


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