Season of Anguish

I came here for one reason,

The reason is absent to follow through.

Make it two and we have a deal!

Make it one and I’ll be in debt, too.

I must insist I’m about to slip off;

The essence is about to part me within.



This emptiness corrodes my will to live.

Must be a seasonal drag…

But what a season to long drive in!

The verses clear and subtle,

The lines are but killing.

All is but a dreadcentric riddle;

Evaluated meaning left these fields,

The notion feels repetitive,

Foul sighs refrain,

All is but rather pointless,

Yet the outcome marks remained.

That is why

So far to wish this be ephemeral.

No, let this never become a contest!

I’d rather be disqualified.

Now that’s beyond me to object!

Oh, yes and silently I’d march on..

To a path where I will be content


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